Halloween is for kids

Yes, I’m still a kid. Yes, I did dress up. The pics shown in the Halloween Album are of Kathi’s costume.  She made the entire costume by hand. All that way down to forming and baking the nose, teeth and claws before adding them to the costume.  What a creative child I have!  WTG Kathi it turned out AWSOME!

2008 Camping

We’re enjoying a visit with Landie’s mum, Ann. Have a look at some of our camping pics.  I’ll add more as we get them.  Weather is hot but bearable. Ranging from 28 – 32 C.
Love to all Speak to you soon.
Hugs Katog

Super Stars, Kathi &Seven

June 14 & 15th brought us down to Abbotsford for the

2008 AAC BC/Yukon Regional Agility Championships. ( www.2008bcyukonregionals.com/
Our Super Star, Kathi and  little Granddoggy, Seven, competed and did extremely well.  They received a 5th place ribbon.  Out of 22 in their classification, they came in 11th  and qualified to enter the Nationals in Halifax. Yeahhhhhh (clap, clap, clap)  Go, Super Stars, Go! 
I’ve posted a few of the pics & a video 
Hope you enjoy !

Beautiful Weather

I’ve been busy out in the yard getting the gardens ready for the summer.  Landie has been rebuilding his truck engine and doing major engine repairs on my car.  ( Have to sell that piece of junk!)  Molly is growing and learning how to wrap her daddy around her fingers more everyday. I’m placing a few flower pictures up for you to enjoy.  I havent been in the best of health lately but I’m going to try to get back to updateing our sites.  Warm weather, dont fail me now !

Xmas 07

Our Tree is up and a few prezzies are waiting. 
It’s snowing yet again today.
So far about another 4 inches over night.
Forecast calls for the next full week of snow.
The good thing about snow is the weather stays warm.
Only -4. Feels like Spring, ( Well. . .  sorta! )

Canadian Citizenship

Hope everyone has enjoyed their summers as we have. Fall has arrived. It arrived like we knew it would. With a Whoop and a Hollar and a Glass of Champagne!
On Sept.7 Mark passed his Canadian Citizenship Exams with 100% accuracy.
The swearing in ceremony was held in Kamloops on Oct.16
We celebrated in True Canadian Fashion on Oct. 20
SPECIAL BIG THANK YOU’S to everyone who sent in speech contributions, audio/video clips and all your support to help Welcome Mark into Canada !
I’ll be collecting all the photos and speeches and posting them up soon. I dropped my camera a while back so the pictures are very blurry.
I’m hoping others will send me some better shots to post here soon.

At the moment, I’m gathering my energy back and taking some time for relaxation.
See you soon.