Happy New Years Everyone

In our house we do not normally make, nor do we adhere to New Years Resolutions.  We definitely believe in goals just not made at New Years.
There is always something needing to be done/changed/corrected. There’s no sense making a plan on any special day to change it.  When/if there’s time, it’ll get done.
As usual I’m reading through the Turtle Gardens blog today and the last few days. Im reminded once again how lucky we are to have two of the most wonderful, obedient,(subject to critisism here) delightful and healthy dogs.  Like, Yvette and Dave Labatte, as well as so many blog readers, this year I seem to have been entirely TOO busy at times.  There is always something that needs to be DONE. 
Being owned by dogs certainly forces you to take a moment and go for a walk or play in the yard.  Brush a coat or two ( or three or four…)
Sometimes I find myself rushing to get those things done and not always to completion.
This morning after reading TG I decided to read through some dog poems pertaining to New Years. I came across a short piece of text that I just knew I had to hang on my fridge.  I printed it out and looked at it. Boring…….. So I added a little personal touch to it.  I thought this is just the sort of Resolution King and Molly would make if they were hairless, two legged creatures.  So from King,  Molly and Mark and I,
Have a Very Happy New Year! 

Yard Sale

Well, I did it. I had my first ever Yard Sale.  I was anxious and worried for days before hand. I relied on the support of my friends to guide me through it.  Thank you so much for all your support and patience with me.  Tracy, Donna, Brandon & Jessica, YOU ROCK!   Tracy did up the Posters for me and encouraged Donna, Brandon & Jessica to sift through their things and come up with more to sell.  There is NO WAY I  could have done this alone.  It was their items that brought in the sales.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart !
Our weather held up beautifully for us.  Clear and sunny. Bloody cold before the sun finally came over the tree tops. Sales were good. Thank you to the people who came out to support us. We pulled in $150. for Turtle Gardens.  By the time Im finished my mini campaign we should be able to pass along over $300. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 

Mar.-Sept. Gone! Wow

I think my blog is aptly named, "Never Up To Date"  The Spring & Summer have ZOOMED by.  As many of you know we were filled with smoke filled days. Evacuations and stress ruled the last few months.  All is clear now. We settled back in our home and back to work.  The skies are clear blue once again and I have a new passion to contentrate on.
I’m trying to do my part for http://www.turtlegardens.org Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue Society  They work so hard to re-establish stray or unwanted pets into families. Without there establishment we wouldn’t have our new dog, King.  Hwe has fit into our family like he was meant to be here. Molly has taken to him very well.  She would still like to be the boss.  Somehow she seems to accept the title of Princess Molly and allows King to rule.  Yes I love my dogs. Mark and I wonder how we ever laughed with out them.  I have a new videos and pictures that I’ll post here very soon.
Mean time please visit our sites and blogs for updates.

King Is Finally Home

We brought our King home last night. We don’t know how to begin to show Turtle Gardens, Yvette & Dave Labatte and their extended family how grateful we are. They  offered King a home until we could find him.  We also want to Thank Louis and Bonnie of Alberta for rescueing King while he strayed in Bella Coola with his 3 other mates.
Welcome To Our Family King. 


Last day in January.  Landie is still snuggling warm and cozy back in his own bed. He’s been away for 2 weeks on a job related college course. Molly and I are so happy to have him back. We are all waiting to hear news from our prospective new family member, King.  He’s a rescued Lab Mix from Bella Coola. He is currently being taken care of and pampered back into recovery by the wonderful efforts of Yvette Labette and her extended family of volunteers from Turtle Gardens. We’ll keep you posted on our adoption application process as we go along. Please visit their site and feel free to donate.   Help us, Help these people keep our furry companions in good health as they find forever homes for them all.

2008 Ends Soon

Here it is again. The day before the end of yet another year.  Yes, Its also Landie’s Birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! I LOVE YOU.
I think Old Mr. Winter heard your wish for snow.    He’s been threatening all month to bring it to us. He waited untill today to bring us this lot.  Thank you baby, Molly and I love it.  Shame  you have to work in it though. lol I’m putting up another winter video on YouTube so be sure to go have a look at it..  Your favourite morning activity on your birthday.  Shovel that snow baby!    http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=Katogster 
Hugs to everyone. Have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR  http://www.katlan.ca/HappyNewYear.html

Guy Fawkes

It was a perfect night for the guy. The sky was clear and the winds stayed away.    Many thanks to all that attended our Bonfire this year. Hopefully we can have even more of a turn out next year.  Hope you enjoy the pics.
Thanks for coming