For anyone wondering what the video playing is all about . . .   It’s my darling sweetums installing his new HAM radio antenna. He was about to use his drill to attach the wire strapping to the chimney. Suddenly the drill slipped and the metal strapping spun around the tip of the drill and sliced the top of his finger. Sheeesh!  No big deal says he. We put a plaster on it and back to the roof top he went.  He finally has his radio set up and working wonderful!  A nice hobby for him.
I’ve been busy playing with my scroll saw as you can see by my wallpaper.  Feel free to join us for a marshmallow roast.  YUMMMY

New pics of Bonfire

It’s been along time since I wrote again. 
Alot has been going on. November is already half over and December is near. 
We celebrated Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night.
I’ve posted a new webpage http://www.katlan.ca/Bonfire/Bonfire.html 
Have a look if your interested. 
Today is my little girls birthday. She’s a whopping 31 yrs old. OMG How time flys.
Weather is cooler now and the trees are trying to shed their leaves.
Landie and I raked most of them up today and filled the veggies garden. 
They’ll rototill in and make a lovely mulch for next yr.
I’m off to watch some telly and snuggle with my sweetie now.
Stay warm people.
Hugs to you all