Wow! Home, Away & Back Home Again!

You really have to read the information on my other blog to know what’s been going on.
We had Duchess Sammy home with us. We thought she had fit in perfectly. Everyone was happy and relaxed.
Then the dreaded email. Duchess was to go back to Terrace to live with her “Real mom” OMG! We went through every emotion you can imagine. We ended with “Well that’s where she belongs and she’s not really our dog. We were only a foster family.”
We lived with memories of her and she still held aplace both physically and emotionally in our hearts and home. Her food bowl remained. Her toys and favourite place, her mat remained. Our hearts ached for information about her but we knew not to ask about her.
Then it happened. Another email! Duchess was coming back to live FOREVER with us! We won’t let her go ever again. No one will ever take her from us! She is HOME Forever!
Her homecoming videos are here on Kings Youtube Channel and her photo album is here on my Photobucket site.

Beautiful Weather

I’ve been busy out in the yard getting the gardens ready for the summer.  Landie has been rebuilding his truck engine and doing major engine repairs on my car.  ( Have to sell that piece of junk!)  Molly is growing and learning how to wrap her daddy around her fingers more everyday. I’m placing a few flower pictures up for you to enjoy.  I havent been in the best of health lately but I’m going to try to get back to updateing our sites.  Warm weather, dont fail me now !

Spring is on the way

Here it is March already. Landie has had his sinus operation and is recovering very well.
He says he’s still a bit sore but he’s back to work.
I’m anxiously awaiting Spring Break so I can have some time to play in my garden.
Landie is going to set up my greenhouse soon. (maybe this weekend)
My spring bulbs are well on their way. The first crocuses are blooming and the strawberry plants are pushing their little heads out.
I’m Happy, Happy, Happy!