When Pet Owners ‘HAVE’ To Go Away!

What happens when a tragedy enters your world and the love, comfort and happiness you always believed would never end, ENDS! 

Someone tells you what’s happening and you try your very best to understand. You cry, but you listen and you ask questions and you try to cope as best you can.  Days go by and you hear many different versions of what’s happened.  You hear lots of encouragement and strategies of how to cope and carry on.

You have a fairly good idea of what happened and you learn to trust those who have comforted you.  After a short time you give in to the explainations and you learn to struggle through day to day untill the hurt eases and time passes to allow you to make it through the days easier.

Thank goodness humans have the capacity to communicate verbally with each other in times of great sorrow.  Unfortunately the same can not be said for dogs.

Allow me to introduce you to our newest family member.  We are about to give her a Foster Home. She is known as Duchess. 

Duchess comes to us through Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue  in Topley B.C. 

Her owner HAD to go away.  There was nowhere else for Duchess to be placed.  Her owner loved her and she was well cared for.  She does not really belong at the Rescue facility. She needs one on one quiet care.  She needs a family to rebuild her confidence and security. She needs to learn she is still wanted and loved and a part of a pack.  We will do everything in our power to make Duchess feel comfortable as we foster her through her time of  loss & sorrow. 

We will try to help her to understand. Not through words but by building new memories through pleasant situations.  Will she understand. We think so.  In time.

Welcome Duchess


We're waiting patiently for you girl.

not the puppies

...But these puppies are not mine, they stay behind, whew!

Oh Man This Is Getting To Long To Blog!

Oh boy have I ever opened a can of worms!

I started writing a comment to a couple of people who mentioned the antics that King gets involved with on the Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue site. www.turtlegardens.org

Lisa B. & Sharon in particular, but so many other people have commented on them as well.
(Read Sharons comments here) (Read Lisa’s comment here)
You’re right I do have a lot of fun playing with pictures. Thanks for enjoying them.

As everyone knows, being even remotely involved with any form of animal rescue can be very tearful at times. There are great highs when scared, cold, unloved animals finally unite with a caring family. Yet sometimes the sadness that happens can bring us down so low we need a little pick me up.

I was going to give examples in here of situations that bring us down. I realized I would be doing the very thing that evokes a light hearted post from King. We all know what those lows are, and the levels of intensity can vary, and are different for us all.

King, Molly and various TG Alumni writing a post, is a way to get a message across and still put smiles on faces. Really, we ALL know things are tuff in the real world of
Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue.
I’ve always wanted to do something to get actively involved with the well being of animals. Dogs always seemed my favourite. I know other animals, including cats (cover Kings ears here) are also at high risk for needing support as well.
My financial state does not allow me to give the one thing that would be the MOST beneficial for any animal rescue.

One of the skills I found that seem to work as a benefit for rescue, is my gift of the gab, creating situations, writing stories and manipulating photos. It allows me to believe, I’m in some way contributing in a positive way. I feel I am bringing a tiny piece of strength into the hearts of those who, so actively WORK their butts off physically.

I think I’m trying to help them KNOW what they are so endlessly, untiringly, ( is that a word) are doing, is so worthwhile. I appreciate all the endless days, sleepless nights and efforts they put in. They are the ones who make the lives of these tormented furry creatures less stressful. They rehabilitate, revitalize and rehome them. They help them to reconnect with the humans in our world who continue to truely care about them. They seek them out and place the newly lifted spirits back into a warm, gentle home. They give them the dignity and respect they deserve in their last days among mankind.

And so Yes, Thank you for acknowledging King’s antics and his messages as lifting your spirits. That is the intent.

Now, Please dig into your pockets and pull out all that loose change. Pop it into an envelope and send it to:

Dave & Yvette Labatte
20978 Severson Road
P.O 230 Topley, BC
V0J 2Y0
250-696-3188email turtlegardens@gmail.com

DONATE Online DIRECTLY To Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue

Oh Yea, and Tax Reciepts are given!
Oh and ANOTHER Oh Yea —–>>
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Winter is back!

Yes here it is again.  How many winters have past since I began this blog? hmm I’ll have to check. 

It’s -12 this morning. 4:30 am.  Nov. 24  Why am I up writing a post at that ungodly hour??  Yep Im still not sleeping through the night.  My sweet Landie is still sawing logs.  Mollydawg and King are cuddled warmly on their mats beside me.  They decided to accompany me into the living room while I try to occupy my time, and make myself tired enough and to fall back to sleep.

Speaking of how many posts I’ve written over  time, . . . You’ll notice I’m using the new WordPress format for my Myspace page.   At first I was annoyed and wanted my öld”page format, which in fact I had spent years developing it. I had finally figured out just how I thought it lookedbest. Then, BAM! along comes this new idea. 

Hmm, well, to be honest I’m getting the hang of it. I sorta did like the blog idea when I looked at everyone elses pages. So, now I have another blog instead of having to create a new page each time I want to add what we’ve  recently been up to.

Personally I know it’s going to be just as hard for me to keep up. I seem to be running out of time faster and faster each day.  Where have all the hours of the days gone??

Oh my. Stay tuned.

Happy New Years Everyone

In our house we do not normally make, nor do we adhere to New Years Resolutions.  We definitely believe in goals just not made at New Years.
There is always something needing to be done/changed/corrected. There’s no sense making a plan on any special day to change it.  When/if there’s time, it’ll get done.
As usual I’m reading through the Turtle Gardens blog today and the last few days. Im reminded once again how lucky we are to have two of the most wonderful, obedient,(subject to critisism here) delightful and healthy dogs.  Like, Yvette and Dave Labatte, as well as so many blog readers, this year I seem to have been entirely TOO busy at times.  There is always something that needs to be DONE. 
Being owned by dogs certainly forces you to take a moment and go for a walk or play in the yard.  Brush a coat or two ( or three or four…)
Sometimes I find myself rushing to get those things done and not always to completion.
This morning after reading TG I decided to read through some dog poems pertaining to New Years. I came across a short piece of text that I just knew I had to hang on my fridge.  I printed it out and looked at it. Boring…….. So I added a little personal touch to it.  I thought this is just the sort of Resolution King and Molly would make if they were hairless, two legged creatures.  So from King,  Molly and Mark and I,
Have a Very Happy New Year! 

Canadian Citizenship

Hope everyone has enjoyed their summers as we have. Fall has arrived. It arrived like we knew it would. With a Whoop and a Hollar and a Glass of Champagne!
On Sept.7 Mark passed his Canadian Citizenship Exams with 100% accuracy.
The swearing in ceremony was held in Kamloops on Oct.16
We celebrated in True Canadian Fashion on Oct. 20
SPECIAL BIG THANK YOU’S to everyone who sent in speech contributions, audio/video clips and all your support to help Welcome Mark into Canada !
I’ll be collecting all the photos and speeches and posting them up soon. I dropped my camera a while back so the pictures are very blurry.
I’m hoping others will send me some better shots to post here soon.

At the moment, I’m gathering my energy back and taking some time for relaxation.
See you soon.