Summer 2010

Finally summer is here!. It’s been forever getting here, but it’s arrived in all its glory.  HOT days and windy evenings.  Camping trips and visitors.  Mum is back here after 2 yrs and we can once again enjoy the next 3 weeks of her visit.  Hope to write again soon.  Enjoy our camping trip pictures of Deadman Lake.  New Camping Video at 

Guy Fawkes

It was a perfect night for the guy. The sky was clear and the winds stayed away.    Many thanks to all that attended our Bonfire this year. Hopefully we can have even more of a turn out next year.  Hope you enjoy the pics.
Thanks for coming

Super Stars, Kathi &Seven

June 14 & 15th brought us down to Abbotsford for the

2008 AAC BC/Yukon Regional Agility Championships. (
Our Super Star, Kathi and  little Granddoggy, Seven, competed and did extremely well.  They received a 5th place ribbon.  Out of 22 in their classification, they came in 11th  and qualified to enter the Nationals in Halifax. Yeahhhhhh (clap, clap, clap)  Go, Super Stars, Go! 
I’ve posted a few of the pics & a video 
Hope you enjoy !

Yes, I signed up for this !

I dont know why I decided to sign up for this. I think I was enjoying a cuppa and sniffin around others on my list. Yep thats it and I got curious. EeeeeeeeeeeeeK!!  We all know what curiosity did?!
You know what I say?? …………. Sooooooo, Bloody what !  If Im gonna die Im gonna die being snoopy !  
Live life to the fullest ……………and rearrange the parts of your life you dont like !