When Pet Owners ‘HAVE’ To Go Away!

What happens when a tragedy enters your world and the love, comfort and happiness you always believed would never end, ENDS! 

Someone tells you what’s happening and you try your very best to understand. You cry, but you listen and you ask questions and you try to cope as best you can.  Days go by and you hear many different versions of what’s happened.  You hear lots of encouragement and strategies of how to cope and carry on.

You have a fairly good idea of what happened and you learn to trust those who have comforted you.  After a short time you give in to the explainations and you learn to struggle through day to day untill the hurt eases and time passes to allow you to make it through the days easier.

Thank goodness humans have the capacity to communicate verbally with each other in times of great sorrow.  Unfortunately the same can not be said for dogs.

Allow me to introduce you to our newest family member.  We are about to give her a Foster Home. She is known as Duchess. 

Duchess comes to us through Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue  in Topley B.C. 

Her owner HAD to go away.  There was nowhere else for Duchess to be placed.  Her owner loved her and she was well cared for.  She does not really belong at the Rescue facility. She needs one on one quiet care.  She needs a family to rebuild her confidence and security. She needs to learn she is still wanted and loved and a part of a pack.  We will do everything in our power to make Duchess feel comfortable as we foster her through her time of  loss & sorrow. 

We will try to help her to understand. Not through words but by building new memories through pleasant situations.  Will she understand. We think so.  In time.

Welcome Duchess


We're waiting patiently for you girl.

not the puppies

...But these puppies are not mine, they stay behind, whew!

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