Winter is back!

Yes here it is again.  How many winters have past since I began this blog? hmm I’ll have to check. 

It’s -12 this morning. 4:30 am.  Nov. 24  Why am I up writing a post at that ungodly hour??  Yep Im still not sleeping through the night.  My sweet Landie is still sawing logs.  Mollydawg and King are cuddled warmly on their mats beside me.  They decided to accompany me into the living room while I try to occupy my time, and make myself tired enough and to fall back to sleep.

Speaking of how many posts I’ve written over  time, . . . You’ll notice I’m using the new WordPress format for my Myspace page.   At first I was annoyed and wanted my öld”page format, which in fact I had spent years developing it. I had finally figured out just how I thought it lookedbest. Then, BAM! along comes this new idea. 

Hmm, well, to be honest I’m getting the hang of it. I sorta did like the blog idea when I looked at everyone elses pages. So, now I have another blog instead of having to create a new page each time I want to add what we’ve  recently been up to.

Personally I know it’s going to be just as hard for me to keep up. I seem to be running out of time faster and faster each day.  Where have all the hours of the days gone??

Oh my. Stay tuned.

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