Happy New Years Everyone

In our house we do not normally make, nor do we adhere to New Years Resolutions.  We definitely believe in goals just not made at New Years.
There is always something needing to be done/changed/corrected. There’s no sense making a plan on any special day to change it.  When/if there’s time, it’ll get done.
As usual I’m reading through the Turtle Gardens blog today and the last few days. Im reminded once again how lucky we are to have two of the most wonderful, obedient,(subject to critisism here) delightful and healthy dogs.  Like, Yvette and Dave Labatte, as well as so many blog readers, this year I seem to have been entirely TOO busy at times.  There is always something that needs to be DONE. 
Being owned by dogs certainly forces you to take a moment and go for a walk or play in the yard.  Brush a coat or two ( or three or four…)
Sometimes I find myself rushing to get those things done and not always to completion.
This morning after reading TG I decided to read through some dog poems pertaining to New Years. I came across a short piece of text that I just knew I had to hang on my fridge.  I printed it out and looked at it. Boring…….. So I added a little personal touch to it.  I thought this is just the sort of Resolution King and Molly would make if they were hairless, two legged creatures.  So from King,  Molly and Mark and I,
Have a Very Happy New Year! 

1 thought on “Happy New Years Everyone

  1. Wow, I sure didn\’t get that many presents, ha ha ha . However, I do wish you both and the dogs, a Happy New Year, and new adventures to come. Love Tarn and Terry

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