Mar.-Sept. Gone! Wow

I think my blog is aptly named, "Never Up To Date"  The Spring & Summer have ZOOMED by.  As many of you know we were filled with smoke filled days. Evacuations and stress ruled the last few months.  All is clear now. We settled back in our home and back to work.  The skies are clear blue once again and I have a new passion to contentrate on.
I’m trying to do my part for Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue Society  They work so hard to re-establish stray or unwanted pets into families. Without there establishment we wouldn’t have our new dog, King.  Hwe has fit into our family like he was meant to be here. Molly has taken to him very well.  She would still like to be the boss.  Somehow she seems to accept the title of Princess Molly and allows King to rule.  Yes I love my dogs. Mark and I wonder how we ever laughed with out them.  I have a new videos and pictures that I’ll post here very soon.
Mean time please visit our sites and blogs for updates.

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