Canadian Citizenship

Hope everyone has enjoyed their summers as we have. Fall has arrived. It arrived like we knew it would. With a Whoop and a Hollar and a Glass of Champagne!
On Sept.7 Mark passed his Canadian Citizenship Exams with 100% accuracy.
The swearing in ceremony was held in Kamloops on Oct.16
We celebrated in True Canadian Fashion on Oct. 20
SPECIAL BIG THANK YOU’S to everyone who sent in speech contributions, audio/video clips and all your support to help Welcome Mark into Canada !
I’ll be collecting all the photos and speeches and posting them up soon. I dropped my camera a while back so the pictures are very blurry.
I’m hoping others will send me some better shots to post here soon.

At the moment, I’m gathering my energy back and taking some time for relaxation.
See you soon.



1 thought on “Canadian Citizenship

  1. Interesting, you have always been supportive of Mark. I am happy for you both that Mark has been welcomed into Canada. Mark congrad…. you will be a welcomed addition.

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